Historic preservation commission update

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Monday afternoon, Marinette historic preservation commission members had many victories, and much progress was made. The preservation plan for the forest home cemetery chapel has made progress. Since the last meeting, the building has maintained, windows have been mounted, and for protection & preservation, plywood has been mounted to protect the windows. Grounds have been cleaned, and further maintenance & upgrades will continue. The historic preservation commission also noted that the riverside avenue historic district signs & signposts project budget has been doubled by the city, from the former $15,000 to $30,000. There was also discussion regarding identifying city cultural objects, cataloguing and preservation. The process of inventorying all items on city property will now begin. Also of note, a purchase has been approved for the properties at 2118 and 2120 hall downtown. Included in the fa├žade improvement program, the storefronts of both properties will be cleaned and prepared for complete renovation.

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