Speaker Forum Held for International Women’s Day


03/08/2019- The roots of International Women’s Day date back more than 100 years, but today, much of the original intentions remain: to celebrate women and their unique contributions to society, culture, politics, and economics. As part of that celebration, the second annual Women’s Wisdom forum, hosted by Johnson Controls and the UWGB- Marinette Campus, was held last night and featured a panel of local women who’ve made a big impact in the community. Event organizer Liane Callow says women have made remarkable progress in the past several decades, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.
Throughout the evening, panelists discussed the women that inspire them, the challenges they’ve faced, and what their hopes are for gender equality in the future. Jessica Aubert has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and works at Bay Area Medical Center. She says the number one piece of advice she can offer to other women is to not minimize their own capability and achievements.
The theme of the 2019 International Women’s Day is “Balance for Better,” which calls for collective action and shared responsibility to create a gender-balanced world in which economies and communities can thrive.

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