Monday April 1st


tires, edger, firewood, table 715=923-9362

scooter, records 715-732-0087

trailer, dolley cart, rims and tires, cook stoe, saw and sander 715-587-0445

walker 715-587-0866

chairs, glass table, wall mount, grill shop vac 715-330-5015

amp, wood, barn 715-938-5264

ski doo carberators 920-897-3763

mirror, helmets, easel 906-374-0804

stove, falt screen tv 715-923-9213

sabre saw, brass bed, stove 906-792-9065


moped 715-938-6785

junk 906-753-4668

laying chickens 715-927-5571

shed, chairs 715-587-7398

treadmill 920-897-3763


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