BAMC CEO Reflects on First Four Months in New Facility


12/31/2018- Four months in, things are running smoothly at Bay Area Medical Center’s new hospital. After more than three years of planning and construction, the doors to the $135-million facility opened in August and the transition from old to new has been nearly seamless. BAMC President and CEO Ed Harding says much of that can be attributed to the heavy staff involvement throughout the entire project.
The new hospital was furnished with plenty of new equipment and technology, as well as about 100 semi-loads of existing items BAMC already owned. John Hofer is BAMC’s Director of Marketing and Foundation. He says the things that couldn’t be used in the new building didn’t go to waste. Before many of the items went to public auction, they were offered to area non-profits to furnish their meeting and office spaces.
Developers have been looking at the former Bay Area Medical Center hospital on Shore Drive, but no offer to purchase has been made yet. BAMC has placed money in escrow to demolish the building in several years if it remains vacant.

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