Tyco updates the City of Marinette on their well water testing and contamination remediation efforts. Chris Behrend, Senior Program Manager with Tyco, says the company has re-tested 129 of the 137 wells originally tested for PFOA and PFOS contamination. Of those, 95 results have been received and 71 showed no detectable level of contamination, 23 had results below the 70-parts-per-trillion health advisory level, and one showed contaminants above the health advisory level. Behrend says Tyco has also recently begun going beyond well testing to determine if the compounds are present in other areas of the environment.
While some impacted residents have opted to have point-of-entry filters installed and many more continue to receive bottled water from Tyco, Behrend says the long-term solution has yet to be determined.
Tyco has been testing wells since discovering the PFOA and PFOS compounds formerly used in their firefighting foams had been detected in the groundwater beyond their test field in southern Marinette last November.