05/01/2020- At their meeting Thursday, Menominee’s Finance Committee summed up the 2020-2021 operating budget as “it is what it is.” The first draft of the document revealed a nearly $500000 budget shortfall, which the committee tasked City Manager Tony Graff with reducing by at least $200000 ahead of this week’s meeting. Graff accomplished this by increasing burial rates, reducing the contract with the City Attorney, amending the building inspector position, and limiting the transfer from the general fund to the library to $100000. Any additional money the library needs will then be drawn from the Klar fund designated for the library and recreation department. However, Mayor Jean Stegeman says the adjustments still don’t address the trend of stagnant revenue and rising expenses.
Committee chairman Frank Pohlmann says the budget presented is not a solution to the City’s financial woes, but instead calls it a budget that is based on the current realities Menominee is facing.
The necessary draw from the unrestricted fund balance for the upcoming year’s operating budget would leave between $2 and $2.1-million remaining in that fund. The Committee ultimately voted to move ahead with scheduling the public hearing on the entire 2020-2021 budget.