Flu Prompts Visitor Restrictions at BAMC

Weeks after it was expected to peak, the flu season continues to hang on in our area. Temporary visitor restrictions are still in place at Bay Area Medical Center where officials are asking anyone who doesn’t need to be at the hospital to stay home, especially those who exhibit symptoms of the flu. Craig Jestila is the Director of Clinic Quality at BAMC. He says the end of flu season could be at least a month or more away.
If you do suspect you have the flu and have no other underlying health conditions, Jestila says the best course of action is to stay home and rest. He says vaccines are still available to protect you from the virus.
Nearly all of Wisconsin, including Marinette County, is experience high levels of influenza-like activity. People with the flu should avoid going out in public until they feel well and are fever-free for at least 24 hours without medication.

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