MAPS Considers Random Drug Testing

Menominee High School students could become subject to random drug testing if a new proposal gets Board of Education approval. Alison Granquist, Junior/ Senior High School co-principal presented the plan to the board at a special meeting held Thursday night. She says any student involved in competitive co-curricular activities or who possess a district parking pass would have to consent to suspicionless drug testing prior to receiving those privileges. The drug testing would be run in partnership with Bay Area Medical Center to ensure the selections are random. The eligible students’ names would each be assigned a number and a computer program at BAMC would then select four numbers each week for testing. If a student’s test results come back as non-negative for an illegal or controlled substance for which they do not have a prescription, that student would not face punitive action, but would be subject to the consequences stated in the organization’s drug and alcohol policy. More importantly, Granquist says, those students and their parents would also be provided with a list of local resources to get the student the help they need. Granquist says the tests are $5 each and a grant from Bay Area Medical Center would cover most, if not all of those costs. The item will likely be discussed again at the board’s May 24th meeting.

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