A day after another city committee had discussed the possibility of working out an agreement with Aquila Resources for additional oversight of the mine, representatives of Aquila appeared before Menominee’s Judicial and Legislative committee. Dave Anderson, Aquila’s Director of Environment and Regulatory Affairs,  said they would open to such an agreement that could address local concerns.
But, Anderson and Chante Lessard Community Relations Director, faced some tough questions from Alderman Frank Pohlmann and Mayor Jean Stegeman. The Mayor does not feel an agreement would provide any protection from the mine.
Speakers from the audience during the public comment period also were unimpressed and continued to express their deep concerns about the effect the mine could have on our water and the environment.
The committee took no action regarding the mine. A resolution in which the city acknowledged the concerns about the mine, but stated the appropriate state and federal agencies should be the ones to monitor the mine’s operation, was tabled on a motion by made by Pohlmann.