Upgrades are coming to the Menominee County emergency dispatch system, but some commissioners are concerned a larger issue is being overlooked. Tuesday, following lengthy debate and presentations from several department heads, commissioners approved the purchase of a three position Zetron Max Dispatch System from JS Electronics for $287-thousand. The new radio console will replace the dispatch center’s current radio system from 1995. However, Commissioner John Nelson says problems with connectivity and broadcast strength should have been the first priority.
A motion to table the decision until a comprehensive study on the cost of updating the existing broadcast towers and constructing additional ones could be completed ultimately failed. Commissioner Larry Phelps says the radio console needs replacement before it experiences a critical failure.
The purchase of the new radio console narrowly passed on a 5 to 4 vote. The board also approved the purchase of three position console furniture system to house the radio console at a cost of around $54-thousand.