02/01/2019- It’s back to business as usual for some Marinette and Menominee industries after experiencing power cut-backs during this week’s extreme cold. Waupaca Foundry, Kimberly Clark, and Dunn Paper were each directed to cut their power for a little over an hour Wednesday after a number of power generators in the Midwest went offline, resulting in a decrease of available power. The impacted businesses are part of Wisconsin Public Service’s interruptible rate program, which provides them service at a reduced rate with the understanding that their power could be throttled in the rare types of events experienced this week. Wauapaca Foundry’s Human Resources Manager Phil Eatherton says it’s not uncommon to get the notice to dial back their power usage during the summer months, but this is the first time in his memory they’ve had a winter electrical interruption. The regional power generation sources were back up and running by Wednesday afternoon. None of WPS’s residential customers or businesses not enrolled in the interruptible rate program were impacted by the dip in power supply.